Corporate Social Responsibility

TaiGen is operating in ways that enhance our society and the environment. It’s our responsibility of being a corporate citizen.

Social Responsibility

Environment Protection

  • TaiGen implements environmental friendly tactics, for instance, switching to LED lights, managing air, water & solid waste strictly.

Social Involvement

  • As a part of biotechnology industry, TaiGen participated the initiation of Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) for the development of biotechnology industry in Taiwan.

Support Academic Activity

  • TaiGen conducts guided laboratory tour and provides funding support for academic institutions occasionally for industry engagement and reciprocity.

Social Benefits

  • TaiGen is active in social welfare and philanthropy for giving society reciprocation, for example, raising suppliers for TinFen Education and Nursing Institute in Taoyuan, volunteering at the Mustard Seed Youth Home, conducting family activity to visit Guandu Nature Park for ecological education.

Employee and Working Environment


  • TaiGen provides insurances (national health insurance, labor insurance, pension plan, group insurance and etc.), annual health examination, variety of employee’s activities, welfare committee allowance (birthday, married, maternity, funeral, transportation and festivals).


  • According to Labor Pension Act, TaiGen implements both new and previous version of labor pension system for employees in Taiwan.According to Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China, TaiGen provides social insurance for employees in TaiGen Beijing.

Working Environment and Safety

  • In order to take care of employees, TaiGen provides health examination annually and conducts office cleaning & sterilization regularly. To improve occupational health in disaster and safety, we conduct biological safety principles and practices, examine laboratory equipment annually as well as manage toxic chemicals.