HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitor

HCV Antiviral



World-wide estimates put the number of individuals infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) at over 170 million, with about one quarter in Greater China and about ten million in China. The market size and medical needs is large because of low screening rate, low consultation rate and high incidence.

With conventional HCV therapy, patients must suffer through the drugs' many side effects, including flu-like symptoms, fatigue and anemia. Current oral antiviral medication is too expensive to afford; the entrance of new drug will provide reasonable and affordable price to patients.

Furaprevir is a HCV protease inhibitor, discovered and developed in-house by TaiGen’s researchers. Through careful rational drug design with over 1,500 compounds synthesized and after extensive screening, Furaprevir was chosen for further development. Furaprevir has completed Phase I/II clinical trials in Taiwan under an US IND.
  • Indications in Development
  • Chronic Hepatitis C


  • Effective against all six genotypes of HCV.
  • Oral once-a-day dosing with minimal side effects.
  • A Phase II trial in genotype 1b patient in Taiwan was completed with SVR12 >90%, demonstrated the potency of Furaprevir.
  • A phase 2 trial in China with Furaprevir + Yimitasvir was completed with SVR12=97.4%.


Approximately 160~170 million people worldwide currently infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Among these infected, approximately 40 million in China and 500K in Taiwan.

TaiGen is focusing on the chronic HCV market in Greater China. The goal is to provide an effective all-oral interferon-free pan-genotype therapy with convenient dosing and affordable.


  • TaiGen signed an agreement with YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co. in 2016 to establish a joint venture to jointly develop furaprevir (NS3/4A protease inhibitor) and HEC’s yimitasvir (NS5A inhibitor) as an all-oral interferon-free HCV treatment in Greater China.
  • In Q1 2017, TaiGen received US$ 20 million from YiChang HEC for 9% equity stake in the joint venture, Dongguan HEC TaiGen Biopharmaceuticals.
  • Completion of phase II clinical trial in 2019 triggered the first milestone payment of USD 5 million to TaiGen.
  • In China, a phase 3 trial of Furaprevir + Yimitasivr starts in mid-2019.


  • 2019
  • Excelsior Award, BIO Taiwan
  • 2017
  • The Innovation of the Year, Bio Taiwan
  • 2016
  • Medal of Technology Award
  • 2015
  • National Innovation Award
  • 2015
  • Bronze Award for New Drug R&D