Steering Committee

Philip Kuo-Lung Huang (Chairman)

Representative:Kao Hsiang Investment Co., Ltd Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, TaiGen Biotechnology

Background & Experience:
University of South Australia EMBA
Sales and Marketing Director, Takeda
Pharmaceutical (Taiwan)
Asia Marketing Strategic Manager, Takeda
Pharmaceutical (Osaka)
Sales and Marketing Director, Takeda
Pharmaceutical (Beijing)

Show-Chung Ho (Director)

Background & Experience:
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering,
University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin
Director, YFY Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Hong-Jen Chang (Director)

Representative:YFY Inc Represented

Background & Experience:
M.S., Health Policy and Management, Harvard
School of Public Health
Chairman & CEO, YFY Biotech Management Co.

Ming-Chu Hsu (Consultant)

Founder of TaiGen Biotechnology

Background & Experience:
PhD in Biochemistry, University of Illinois
Principal Investigator in National Science and Technology Program for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Weng-Foung Huang (Independent Director)

Background & Experience:
PhD in Social and Administrative Pharmacy,
University of Minnesota Adjunct Professor, Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang Ming University