TaiGen's goal is to develop "first-in-class" and "best-in-class" products with worldwide IP rights.

Founded in 2001, TaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (“TaiGen Taiwan” or “TaiGen”) is a discovery-based and market-focused pharmaceutical company engaging in the development of novel and transformative for diseases in need of such capability. TaiGen has a wholly-owned Beijing subsidiary with proven capability to conduct clinical trials and support subsequent registrations. There are 70 FTEs in Taipei and Beijing offices with 70% of staff engaging in R&D activities.

TaiGen was listed in Taiwan OTC Stock Market on the 17th Jan. 2014. To date, there are approx. 716 million shares issued and outstanding, with a par value of US$0.001. TaiGen’s principle shareholders include Yuen Foong Yu (YFY) Group, Taiwan’s National Development Fund, Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Yao-Hwa Glass Management Commission, and Taiwan Global BioFund.

TaiGen is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company combining drug discovery & development, global regulatory approval & registration, and commercialization in China. This business strategy capitalizes on the extensive expertise by senior executives whom were recruited from major pharma in the West and from Asian-based multinational companies. Our pipeline, including programs originating from internal discovery efforts as well as in-licensing, is globally focus with particular emphasis on Asian-prevalent diseases.

TaiGen has established an operation platform that support product development, sales and marketing in Greater China region as well as global expansion of business activities by establishing alliances with key players worldwide. Following this unique business model, TaiGen successfully out-licensed Taigexyn® to more than 30 countries and is continuing expanding in other territories.